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by The Oh Hellos

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Rio Grande 03:01
somewhere down south of here there's a woman with an armload of grass weaving a basket that'll float the Rio Grande she'll send her baby on it the river running wild and fast to curry the favor of whatever pharoah owns the land a seed of an idea, like mustard greens like newborn fingers, curled and half asleep awake from her mouth, a vineyard of swears and hallelujahs entwined, a new wine is vinted a blend of sweet commandment oh, to hell with the semantics the camel and the cable confide the eye of a needle is tall enough to stand inside a seed of an idea, like mustard greens like newborn fingers curled and half asleep awake with a thunder from underneath stretch up and reach through the hardest part of me may all our tinfoil idols lay crumpled on the ground and our pre-fab Olympus divided by the thousand oh, maybe I’m naive for thinking that a mountain so stubborn can move but if I’m a mountain moving I think maybe you can be, too
Theseus 03:16
at the edges of my fingers never quite closing round it oh, that peace like a river always going, but never getting seems like maybe it’s not all that much a place as it is a way and ways don’t ever seem to want to stay too still for too long isn’t that what it’s all about? the slow trickling thaw that sets the banks in half the sweet melody it makes when the canyons crack I wanna give it all I’ve got, and I want nothing I want nothing back whatever kingdom come, it probably won’t come quick no mighty clarion to announce it no single use ark to discard in an instant like Theseus’s ship, we’ll fix the busted bits ‘til it’s both nothing like and everything it’s always been it’s a wonder we expect a thing to stay the same at all maybe that’s what it’s all about we keep fixing what we know is only bound to break what’s worth saving is never worth letting go to waste I want to mend what I’ve got, instead of throwing away ain’t nothing come easy no, nothing comes quick it’s gonna hurt like hell to become well but if we set the bone straight it’ll mend it’ll fix and we’ll be well ain’t nothing come easy no, nothing comes quick but I want for you this: that you are well I want for us this: that we are well
Zephyrus 03:45
what do you find within the lines of distant suns and their systems where I come up empty? what have those painted songs of heroes or the moon herculean pulling a half of me? are we not threaded by the same weave of the wind terra firma and unparted sea? whether by accident or fortune you and I we are matter and it matters I want to spin something out of nothing lead to gold spring from winter story from moted sky I wanna help mother up an orchard from a seed up through sapling daughter phoenix, rise the way they encourage one another to push high touch the sunlight against their tender leaves they’ll be full grown before you know it and as I breathe so does she we are breathing so let me melt down like mountain glaciers break the bonds I’ve been holding onto let ‘em soften me ‘til every part that I am made of waters deep to the roots of something greener
Soap 03:34
I've heard since I was younger that oil and water don't mix they're polar opposites with a molecular rift you can't fix but I swear with all your burnt bridges, you could leech what’s caustic and find a rudimentary lye some kind of miraculous bind oh no, I think I’m not quite ready to let you circle the drain all the things we’ve broken can be puzzled together again all your sums and your pieces are enough to clean up all the messes you’ve made I think that you’re worth keeping around I think you’re worth holding onto I’ve heard if I were tougher then maybe I’d make it alive I got a tender side I’ll need a harder shell to survive but if seeing is believing I don’t know I’ve seen a thing grow without an open coat not without a softness showing I know maybe you’re not quite ready to loosen your hold on the safety blanket you been keeping around your shoulders but your sums and your pieces are enough to make you whole you gotta let go I think that you’re worth keeping around I think that you’re worth holding onto it’s gonna hurt like hell but we’re gonna be well I’ll give you my best shot
Rounds 03:34
am I still speaking? yeah, I’m long in the wind I’ll go on and on and on again if my chest don’t cave in when did I last breathe in am I empty again oh, that wind that I’ve been spending is a long one my friend be the sun as my witness, better prophets could pen a thousand words for every chord I could ever begin may their carbon given be an echoing hymn that goes on and on and on again so long as I live (ooh) (ooh) round, around, a round again will you start where I end am I still speaking? yeah, I’m long in the wind I’ll go on and on and on again if my chest don’t cave in


The series concludes. Zephyrus, the final cardinal wind of this project, brought the gentle warmth of spring that summoned up a new year of growth rooted in the fertile ashes of all the structures that keep us isolated and unfeeling — the kind of growth we can see in ourselves, if we can muster the courage to be vulnerable. The arrangements mirror and embrace this shift, rising up like tender leaves breaking through concrete and cascading down like mountain rivers surging with the first thaw of the season. It’s been a long year; thanks for listening.


released October 16, 2020

Produced by Maggie Heath, Tyler Heath
Written by Maggie Heath, Tyler Heath

Performed by The Oh Hellos.
Viola performed by Matthew Hagerman. Drums performed by Joey Chance. Group vocals performed by Amber Reed, Austin Morrow, Asa Martin, Joey Chance, Joshua Heinlein, JP McKenzie, Matthew Hagerman, Zack Wiggs.

Recording Engineer - Tyler Heath. Additional engineering by Matthew Hagerman

Mixed and Mastered by Charlie Kramsky


all rights reserved



The Oh Hellos San Marcos, Texas

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The Oh Hellos began in a cluttered bedroom, where siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath recorded their self-titled EP in 2011. In the fall of 2012, the sibling duo released their debut full-length record Through the Deep, Dark Valley, an album full of regret and redemption, which they wrote, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered themselves. ... more

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