by The Oh Hellos

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Roi Reboredo
Roi Reboredo thumbnail
Roi Reboredo Un paso más en la carrera de este fantástico grupo, y conteniendo todos los ingredientes musicales que me tienen enganchado desde Dear Wormwood. Favorite track: Torches.
Toxic_ thumbnail
Toxic_ Pleasant vocals, crisp textures & relaxing melodies - that's what I liked about this album. The Oh Hellos have their own, unique sound - never heard anything like it before, to be honest. Also, catchy. Great work. Favorite track: Mandatory Evac / Counting Cars.
Andrew thumbnail
Andrew The Oh Hellos are always lyrical, spirited, unifying, jubilant. This new project is no different. It's easy to get lost in the spaces they create, and get carried off by the southern wind. Favorite track: Torches.
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Notos, the first installment in an ongoing series, is named for the ancient Greco-Roman god of the south wind, who brought storms in the summer. Musically, the record draws from the siblings' memories of summers spent exploring the Pacific Northwest with their grandparents, as well as their experiences with the frequent threat of hurricanes as they grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast. Thematically, the series considers the question: "where did our ideas come from?" Notos recounts a time when the duo weren't even aware there was a question to ask, and reflects on the backfire effect we experience when confronted with new information for the first time.


released December 8, 2017

Written, recorded, performed, produced, mixed, mastered by Tyler and Maggie Heath.
Viola/Strings: Matthew Hagerman
Drums: Austin Norman
Accordion: Joey Chance

Special thanks to: Matthew Hagerman, Joey Chance, Nathanael Smith, Drew Griffith, Zack Wiggs, Austin Morrow, Joshua Heinlein, Grant Baril, Jordan Hunsucker, Carley High and our friends from The Goodness Sakes, Charlie Moore and the Night Queens for lending their voices to record group vocals.


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The Oh Hellos San Marcos, Texas

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The Oh Hellos began in a cluttered bedroom, where siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath recorded their self-titled EP in 2011. In the fall of 2012, the sibling duo released their debut full-length record Through the Deep, Dark Valley, an album full of regret and redemption, which they wrote, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered themselves. ... more

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Track Name: On The Mountain Tall
on the mountain tall
whisper to me words in a voice so small
like the one that to Elijah called
quiet as a candle and bright as the morning sun

though the fire and wind
shattered down the hills with a rage unbent
and a fear that shook the firmament
He was not within them, the clatter of brass and drums

I know you want me to be afraid
I know you want me to love you

still the wild wind blows
up out of the grave of an angry ghost
firing bricks from broken canon and prose
to build a wall so high it reaches the heavens in the sky

still you beat your drums,
raising holy war with every strum,
shouting down the quiet kingdom come
brushing at your fingers, hoping you'll come around
Track Name: Torches
I got a venom like a snake running out of my mouth
it's got you burning at the stake
innocent or not, you're not a bet I care to take
and Father Ignorance will make brothers of us all
as he sets our torch aflame
chasing down the flimsy specters that we co-create

over and over, again
we keep that old wheel turning
we spin it around

I got a terror I can't shake pushing down on my lungs
it's got me lying there awake with a hand on a gun
while turning shadows into shapes
Mother Fortuna, O, she makes sisters of us all
when the faces in her wake
look more like our own than the effigies we immolate

over and over, again
we keep that old wheel turning
over and over, again
we lay the next spoke down
over and over, again (oceans will roll in)
over and over, again

we spin it around
Track Name: Constellations
I can feel it on my tongue
brick and mortar as thick as scripture,
drawing lines in the sand and laying borders as tall as towers
I babble on until my voice is gone

this hill I'll die on is about 90 meters of bricks
colored indigo, inscribed with my name, and lined with cedar
but the words fall flat like cymbals crashing
like molars gnashing

'cause like constellations a million years away,
every good intention
is interpolation, a line we drew in the array
looking for the faces
looking for the shapes in the silence

all that's left for me to climb to the heavens is the chasm of the night
and a matter of time
but I hear the rumble
as the tectonic plates start to shake,
and I feel my blood pounding like the beat of a drum

'cause like constellations a million years away,
every good intention
is interpolation, a line we drew in the array
clinging to the faces
clinging to the shapes in the silence

like constellations imploding in the night
everything is turning
and the shapes that you drew may change beneath a different light
and everything you thought you knew will fall apart, but you'll be all right
Track Name: Notos
there's an eerie quiet
on the southern levees
with a halcyon sky and
atmosphere gone heavy

there's a wind arising with the ire of venus
tugging at the surface of the seas between
and its catalyzing with a breath of calefaction
a thunderous disturbance, and for every action, a reaction

and the rush will take you away
like you're caught in the undertow
and you will drown in the wake
of the things you lost to the winds of Notos

but the water's rising (quicker than light and sound)
from the seas within me (coming up from the ground)
and I try to fight it (cumulonimbus clouds)
but I drain completely (cover the sun and drown in out)

every inhale I take, swallows the ocean whole, and I am one
with the hurricane, tall as the tide that laps with a rabid tongue
with every exhale, I break you down with a fury, I lay the hills undone
like a dog gone untamed, bellowing out a river from my lungs

and the rush will take you away
like you're caught in the undertow
and you will drown in the wake
of the things you said that you can't take back, no

and ever word you shouldn't say
will come bubbling out of your throat
but you've got no one left to blame
for the things you lost to the winds of Notos

you gotta let go
Track Name: New River
it took forever and a day for the canyon's and coasts to erode away
by the weight of the ocean's cyclical motion they swayed

and though the eons may pass as slow as the sands of an hourglass
every grain that we've counted claims that even the mountains can change

let it come down, let it come down
let it make in you a new river

I know the winds from the south have the waves riled up like a hungry mouth
and your stomach goes hollow at the thought that it could swallow you whole

well, it'll rain for forty days and nights, and nothing you do can slow the rising tides
but the river takes her shape from every tempest she abides,
and like her, you'll be made new again