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released February 9, 2018

Written, recorded, performed, produced, mixed, mastered by Tyler and Maggie Heath.
Viola/Strings: Matthew Hagerman
Drums: Austin Norman
Accordion: Joey Chance

Special thanks to: Matthew Hagerman, Joey Chance, Nathanael Smith, Drew Griffith, Zack Wiggs, Austin Morrow, Joshua Heinlein, Grant Baril, Jordan Hunsucker, Carley High and our friends from The Goodness Sakes, Charlie Moore and the Night Queens for lending their voices to record group vocals.


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The Oh Hellos San Marcos, Texas

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The Oh Hellos began in a cluttered bedroom, where siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath recorded their self-titled EP in 2011. In the fall of 2012, the sibling duo released their debut full-length record Through the Deep, Dark Valley, an album full of regret and redemption, which they wrote, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered themselves. ... more

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Track Name: O Sleeper
while the weary nations weep
awakening me from a dream
I see the moonlight steal across my sheets
my love is lying fast asleep
chasing its beams
she stirs, and then she turns her back to me

the clouds overhead open up
for the wicked and just all the same
and lay low the hills, so to fill
every valley below to the brim

but like the sun that turns the sky
illuminating all, in time
the tables in the temple will be turned on their side
and just as it scorches up the dunes
beneath the height of noon
the pillars of the empire will be burned, in kind

and by the holy rock I stand
as blessed as the sacred ram
I see the trail of shoulders I climbed over, but
by god, I'll bloody up my hands
with everything I am
to cut away the mountains I've made
and fill the dales below
Track Name: Grow
between the seams that line your living room,
a vine of ivy's pushing her way through
and as she creeps along, she sinks her roots
into the cracks, and pulls 'em back until the structure's coming loose

and the way the shadows on the wall are cast
look like a twisted apparition from the past
and all the memories come flooding fast
a wilderness you kinda miss, but were taught you ought to cut it back,

so you shut it out
you shout it down
until you're all white-knuckled
you got a lot to learn, if you'd settle down

let be what is, let be what isn't
it's a natural world in which we're living
and if you let it alone, it will surely grow
just leave it alone, child, and let it go

and when all your ziggurats have crumbled down
and every stone is thrown like seeds across the ground
a new Arcadia will come around
and multiply until the binds of death have been unwound

so don't you shut it out
don't you shout it down
and get your feathers ruffled
you got a lot to learn, if you'd just settle down
and let the river run its course

'cause see, the ground all around
it was always holy
leave the ruins where they fall
leave them all
and let the wild take over
Track Name: Eurus
spinning that stone uphill again
like atonement for a bygone sin
under the weight of it, my bones
cracking like a dry branch in a westward wind

but Zeus and his pantheon of kin
take the first nine out of every ten
minas, like lightning changing hands
it all returns back to his pockets, in the end

you can't take any gold or rings further than the grave
nothing we make can we bring
but still the bait hanging from the string is calling my name
and like the wind it slips again
out of my fingers

as Fortuna sits idly by,
I spin her wheel with all my might
crushing my kin for warring-wage
minted from the ivory of your tooth and eye

under the table where she dines,
I sit hungry with my mouth foamed white
fighting for crumbs that trickle down
as she finishes her cake, then takes a bite from mine
Track Name: Hieroglyphs
stamping your heels along with the drum
praying the serpent's underneath one of 'em
like there's some villain left to defeat
instead of a dance with a rhythm and beat

cause you've been too busy thinking ahead
of where we're all going after we're dead
to maybe consider our bodies are worth
more than the dust that we can return

to the ground again
we turn that old wheel round again

well, even the great celestial hieroglyphs
are bodies of dust illuminated, and if
the heavens can be both sacred and dust
oh, maybe so can the rest of us

cause I've seen the line of ocean and shore
the tumbling tide of water and soil
and I've seen the day's fading begin
the gradient wake of the sun that spins

around again
it'll burn that old wheel down in the end
Track Name: Passerine
like carillon bells, the house of Augustus rings
with the echoing hymn of my fellow passerine, they took to it
like a fox to a burrow, like an eagle to an aerie
and my god, it's getting hard to even hum a single thing

you were the song that I'd always sing
you were the light that the fire would bring
but I can't shake this feeling that I was only
pushing the spear into your side again

see, my birds of a kind, they more and more are looking like
centurions than any little messiah
and as I prune my feathers like leaves from a vine
I find that we have fewer and fewer in kind, but

my palms and fingers still reek of gasoline
from throwing fuel to the fire of that Greco-Roman dream
purifying the holy rock to melt the gilded seams
it don't bring me relief, no it don't bring me nothing that

when he comes a knocking at my door
what am I to do, oh lord
when the cold wind rolls in from the north
what am I to do, oh lord