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by The Oh Hellos

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redrevelry thumbnail
redrevelry This album is single-handedly getting me through my seasonal depression. Captures the energy of the season perfectly, and with a nice hopeful message to remind myself to keep going. <33 Favorite track: Rose.
thehartnett thumbnail
thehartnett Its becoming difficult to say which of this 4-part series is my favourite! My favourite part is in Lapis Lazuli, in that lovely line, “and I found a blue”. I can’t think of anywhere I have heard a song capture so well that moment of surprise which comes after a while of ‘knowing’ a thing or person. Thank you from Ireland! Favorite track: Lapis Lazuli.
ASHBakche thumbnail
ASHBakche They're the first band I fell in love with here,on Bandcamp. It was love at first hearing, and it keeps getting stronger and stronger. I had to buy all four EP, just couldn't help it <3 Favorite track: Cold.
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Cold 02:35
when the feeling leaves you it moves so slow like the loose change from your front pocket you don't even feel it go when the bitter creeps in to bite you whole a spectre unreflected, oh it keeps you cold when you keep your linens like virgin snow like a blanket of white unbroken by the soil below the sound don’t carry won’t rise or fall it damps the racket, chokes it back a strangle hold (awoo) well, you paved your Hades with precious stone made an heirloom to patricians and the rich alone and the toll for crossing I'd owe Charon would atrophy a half of me the heart of gold well, I’m not quite ready to turn to bone to petrify the shred of life I’m holding onto there’s no peace to upset that spirit’s flown this ossified philosophizing’s getting old
Lapis Lazuli 03:54
I don’t mean to speak so collectively I know I don’t make it easy to even wanna hear it what can I say, what can I say, what can I say the more I recite it the more you wanna fight it the more my language is sounding fabricated but if there’s one thing I know it’s either the growing is slow or it cuts to the bone moving too quickly so I’ll keep half of my words in my mouth let the syllables fall out at a steady trickling I’ll be your roof caving in you don’t know what you don’t know yet yeah, I go on forgetting it don’t you go on forgetting it, too don’t you go on forgetting it I don’t mean to speak so intrusively I know I don’t make it easy to even wanna see it nothing old, nothing new but if there’s two things I know it’s that the sky looked white and the water like wine when I first met you but somewhere along the line Rayleigh scattered across my eye and I found her blue yeah, I found her blue I must have found a new cone in my eye what other lapis lazuli was hiding behind my color blindness what did I miss, what did I miss, what did I miss
Rose 03:16
wars are raising for her crusades to adore her the light of your afterword are you losing her true nature when you loosen nomenclature when you gift another moniker? what’s true is like a sickle it’ll cut you to the middle that your rose is without a thorn but no, my mouth don’t taste of metal from the pot here to the kettle I think we got a lot we gotta learn and even though by any other name her scent would linger sweetly, all the same call her briar long enough and you’ll tangle up the true and the fable your dowry isn’t fooling the pyrite is showing through it won’t buy you that empty tomb and no alchemic incantation for a counterfeit salvation can appease your leviathan groom no, love’ll get you slaughtered like a ram at the altar what is safe ain’t the same as what is good so lay compress to the aching of your body made for breaking we’ve got a lot of breaking left to do ‘cause even under any other creed the crucifix and the hangman - they both agree change comes so cheaply for those of us already at the table
Boreas 03:30
with my back on the floor cold linoleum icing my growing pains watch the ceiling fan turn its shape again my threads are coming loose yeah, I’m one spoon away from setting the ends of my hair on fire if I’m kindling for a little while at least I’d feel of use maybe then my breath could embody a wildfire starting I’d sweep up the forest floor and my body breathe life into the corners be a darker soil making lists, folding laundry, keeping tidy with my radio show I’d be lying if I told you I’m keeping tidy anymore yeah, I swing from believing that maybe my working will all pay off to considering drinking with Molotov I’m halfway out the door promise me that you’ll start where I end and I promise to give you everything that I am we’ll go on and on and on again in the end, all I hope for is to be a bit of warmth for you when there’s not a lot warmth left to go around
Glowing 03:39
in the end, I’m feeling more and more there won’t be any end no ice walls no frozen firmament to clearly define the corners and lines of a divine invention so paper-thin you see right through it but I bet when you can’t find an edge by a map half-written it could feel like the end to have to keep going the inkwells of prophecy and cartography dried up long ago they’re hoarse from speaking of our studied hesitation to shoulder the weight of our bad-behaving when Atlas shrugs, whose back is breaking? and I know how it feels to the hands heavy as the heavens a weight that could fold you to keep holding well, you’ll stand like you stood as a babe tugging at the house plants all on your own honest and truly you’ll rise like land pulled up at the sound of some strange commandment a moon alight reflecting fully and I guess it would feel like rebirth out of some kind of dying to see yourself so glowing


Boreas, the northern wind, ushered in the harsh frosts of lonely winter. The arrangements of this third installment evoke images of snow-blanketed darkness, candlelight behind cupped hands, and a vast night sky ribboned with stars and auroras. As we wrote these songs, we found ourselves confronted with the ways we’ve personally and communally reflected the character of this wind — how we often avoid discomfort, even at the expense of others, until we are left cold, hard, and unfeeling. In this record, we ask the winter to instead kindle us into something warmer and softer than who we’ve been.


released September 4, 2020

Produced by Maggie Heath, Tyler Heath
Written by Maggie Heath, Tyler Heath

Performed by The Oh Hellos.
Viola performed by Matthew Hagerman. Drums performed by Joey Chance. Group vocals performed by Amber Reed, Austin Morrow, Asa Martin, Joey Chance, Joshua Heinlein, JP McKenzie, Matthew Hagerman, Zack Wiggs.

Recording Engineer - Tyler Heath. Additional engineering by Matthew Hagerman

Mixed and Mastered by Charlie Kramsky


all rights reserved



The Oh Hellos San Marcos, Texas

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The Oh Hellos began in a cluttered bedroom, where siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath recorded their self-titled EP in 2011. In the fall of 2012, the sibling duo released their debut full-length record Through the Deep, Dark Valley, an album full of regret and redemption, which they wrote, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered themselves. ... more

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